Chinese 4 Pillar Astrology

Chinese Astrology is an ancient science based on the cycles of time and the five elements. Many people are familiar with the “restaurant placemat” Chinese Astrology, where you can look up your year of birth and determine what your Chinese Animal sign is. There is much more to a Chinese horoscope than that.

A Chinese Astrological chart is a map through which many aspects of a person’s life may be read. It tells a comprehensive story, containing information about past, present and future, as well as a person’s health both emotionally and physically. Getting a chart read will enhance your understanding of deeper underlying patterns in your life as well as how the cycles of the seasons effect you.

For this service, you provide your birth date, time and place. After a two week calculation and analyzation period, Susanna will meet with you for a 60 minute consultation during which you ask questions and she gives you a summary of her findings, which may include feng shui advice that is customized just for you based on your chart.

Service cost is 75$.